The Green Goose Trader newsletter details actionable option trading setups and strategies, occasional thoughts about trading psychology, and alerts for option plays.

What do you get?

Free Subscribers

Every Friday after market close, you will gain access to the previous Sunday’s premium content as well as occasional recordings of the most recent premium members only Market Review and Opportunity Discovery live stream (normally on Sunday evenings at 8:30 PM Wall Street Time).

Occasional mixed media educational posts.

Premium Subscribers

Premium members receive access to the 8 session Swing Trading / ER Strategies Course (both live and recorded). Each session averages 1 1/2 hours.

Premium members only post every Sunday:

  • During each ER season (Approximately 8 weeks per quarter) a post that details candidates for the earnings plays for the coming week.

  • “Off” season, non-ER related candidates will be presented, each with an actionable trade plan.

  • Occasional livestream Market Review and Opportunity Discovery sessions on Sunday evenings to review all candidates for the coming week.

Here are the results of Summer 2022 Earnings Season alerts for premium subscribers (Each trade considers a position size that risks $250.)

Courtesy of TraderSync.


Michael Kuhns
Professional trader, system strategy developer, and options strategy instructor. Developer of the "Green Goose" overnight system. My focus is trading index CFD's & directional and non-directional US equity earnings plays with options.